Remembering 9/11: A Moment of Silence at Emerick Elementary

The students at Emerick Elementary School weren’t yet born when terrorists attacked the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001. But they certainly know the importance of remembering the tragedy and honoring those who fight for citizens’ freedoms.

The school in Purcellville invited war veterans and other community members to join them Monday morning for a 9/11 remembrance ceremony, just as they have every year since the attacks. Students wore red, white and blue, a few read poems and others posters displaying iconic American images like bald eagles, the White House and the Statue of Liberty.

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, two plans were driven into the World Trade Center in New York and a third into the Pentagon in Arlington. A fourth plane that was headed toward Washington, DC, came down in a Pennsylvania field.

Principal Dawn Haddock said the ceremony at Emerick Elementary is one of the most important moments of the school year. She loves to see students recognize and honor men and women who have fought and continue to fight for the nation’s freedom.

U.S. Army Srgt. Gabe Harcrow and his sons Cole and Case salute the American flag at Emerick Elementary. [Douglas Graham/Loudoun Now]
Students take part in Emerick Elementary’s 9/11 remembrance ceremony Monday. [Douglas Graham/Loudoun Now]

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