Letter: David Mendelsohn, Ashburn

Editor: Dishonesty in government seems to flow from the White House to the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia.

Last week’s issue of Loudoun Now quotes Mr. Gillespie stating, “… we’ve seen crime rates rising in recent years. Murders, robbery, assault, forcible sex offenses and motor vehicle thefts have increased since 2015.”

What’s the truth? The state figures prove that Virginia’s violent crime rate has steadily decreased since 2005. Virginia’s rate is the third lowest in the country. In property crime, declining from previous years, Virginia is well below the national average and ranks 10th lowest in the country.

Mr. Gillespie is also against reinstating parole. This just plays to base instincts that once convicted that person is forever evil. Not quite the message from the bible. Let’s examine some of the facts.

Prison does not reduce crime rates because research has found that others take the place of the person sent to prison. It costs the taxpayers as much to send someone to prison as it does to send your child to college. Meantime, the taxpayers are probably also supporting the offender’s family with public assistance and other programs, education, decent housing, programs to assist families, reduce the crime rates. Offenses are primarily committed by the young, 18 to 24 year olds.

Does Mr. Gillespie fear a 60-year-old who is paroled is going to attack him? People age out of the crime population and continuing them in prison is an unnecessary burden on the taxpayers and inhumane.

Will someone on parole commit a crime? Probably, but consider the majority of those paroled who become productive members of society, working, paying taxes and supporting their families. Let’s trust a parole commission to make wise decisions keeping the public’s safety as paramount.

David Mendelsohn, Ashburn

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  • 2017-08-15 at 8:43 am

    Notice how tricky David morphs crime rate to violent crimes, lol.

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