Blood Supplies Critically Low

Inova Blood Donor Services is asking the community to beat the heat, put up their feet, and donate some blood, as supplies are especially low.

Through Saturday, Aug. 5, ice cream treats will be available to donors as a post-donation snack at its Dulles Donor Center in Sterling, as well as locations in Centreville and Annandale.

The mission of Inova Blood Donor Services, which partners with hospitals across the region, is to provide a safe and adequate blood supply for patients in the diverse community they serve. But this mission cannot be fulfilled without the help of regular blood donors. Every three seconds a patient somewhere in the U.S. needs blood, and for Inova Blood Donor Services, at least 250 donations a day need to be collected to ensure the blood supply is available when it is needed the most. Blood products are used daily in hospitals throughout the world to help patients who are in trauma, actively bleeding, undergoing surgeries, cancer treatment, and a variety of other medical reasons. Inova Blood Donor Services supplies 24 local hospitals in the Washington, DC, metro region.

Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments can also be made by calling 1-866-BLOODSAVES. Details on location addresses and hours can also be found online at Donors will be asked to present a photo ID with their birthdate.

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