Leesburg Council Backs Consolidated Tax Billing

The Leesburg Town Council has endorsed Loudoun County’s consolidated billing and collection program.

Under the proposal, which still must be authorized by the General Assembly, the Loudoun County government would take over from  several towns the responsibilities for billing and collecting tax payments for real estate, personal property, business tangible property, and vehicle registration fees. Town residents would receive a consolidated bill for these taxes, rather than separate bills from both the town and county. All Loudoun towns, with the exception of Purcellville and Hamilton, have signed on to participate.

According to a staff report, the town is expected to save approximately $160,000 in the first year of implementation, and $250,000 annually after the first full year. The town will contribute $93,736 to the county toward system set-up costs. If the state code amendment is approved by legislators, the real estate tax consolidation program is targeted for implementation in tax year 2019, with the remaining taxes being consolidated the following tax year.

Councilman Hugh Forsythe was absent for the July 25 vote.


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