Loudoun Students Flex Tech Talents at STEM Camp

There’s little chance of these students will feel intellectually stagnant this summer.

More than 130 fourth- through ninth-graders spent a week earlier this month at STEM camp, exploring all-things science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The campers engineered, designed and built bridges; programmed dancing robots; and calculated the force and motion of rollercoasters.

The Loudoun County Public Schools Science Department organizes and conducts the STEM Camp, now in its seventh year. Students who attend are invited to the camp by their principal.

Principals are encouraged to select students who have demonstrated an interest in math and science, but who have not had the opportunity to pursue enrichment in these areas for one reason or another.

Science resource teacher Pat Herr stated in a press release from Loudoun County Public Schools that one of the goals of the camp is to get the students feeling like scientists. She noted that the students love wearing lab coats and goggles during the week as they explore and investigate various topics.

The campers are constantly learning during the experience, she said, but often are having too much fun to realize it.

A student programs a robot to follow commands at STEMP Camp. [Loudoun County Public Schools]

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