The Elephant on the Wall at Delirium

Local artist Patrick Burns’ latest woodworking masterpiece was unveiled at Delirium Café in Leesburg on Friday.

Delirium co-owner and General Manager Curtis Allred said the café has a commitment to local businesses.

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted to have that commitment to local art as well,” Allred said, indicating the local work already hanging inside the restaurant—sales of which will benefit the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter.

He said Burns was an obvious choice for a larger piece at Delirium. Burns’ brother, Eric, works at Delirium, and Burns is already responsible for an iconic piece of woodworking in town: the large alligator at MacDowell Brew Kitchen.

Burns carved Delirium’s newest art—a large elephant in relief from a cross-section of silver maple—with chainsaw, chisel, and “boatloads of sanding.” The wood came from a silver maple that fell recently near Loudoun County High School. Delirium uses pink elephants in its global branding

“I don’t know that you could get more hyper-local than this piece of Belgian-inspired artwork,” Allred said.

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