School Leaders Gear Up for Next Round of Boundary Changes

Families living in southeastern Loudoun will want to mark their calendars.

School leaders are setting the schedule for the next round of attendance zone boundary changes, and planning to create a staff committee to make recommendations to the School Board ahead of any adjustments.

The elementary school attendance lines will need to be redrawn in the southeastern end of the county ahead of the opening of Goshen Post Elementary School, formerly known as ES-28. The elementary school, scheduled to open in August 2018, will be co-located on the John Champe High School site and have space for 928 kindergarten through fifth-grade students.

School system senior staff members have recommended dates for public hearings and work sessions, and the School Board is scheduled to adopt a meeting calendar Aug. 8. The proposed dates for boundary public hearings are: Monday, Oct. 23; Monday, Nov. 6; and Tuesday Dec. 5, with the board adopting the final attendance changes Tuesday, Dec. 12. The work session dates under consideration are Monday, Oct. 30, and Monday, Nov. 13. All meetings would begin at 6:30 p.m.

Students and their families in eight elementary schools will be notified of the attendance changes that could impact them. The schools that could be effected are Aldie Elementary, Arcola Elementary, Buffalo Trail Elementary, Cardinal Ridge Elementary, Hutchison Farm Elementary, Liberty Elementary, Little River Elementary, and Pinebrook Elementary.

The coming boundary process will also come with a change in how the staff makes its attendance recommendations to the board.

Kevin Lewis, assistant superintendent of Support Services, said, going forward, staff will create a School Engagement Committee. It will consist of school principals of the affected areas, as well as staff who oversees instruction, special education, transportation, planning and others as needed.

The committee will meet two to three times to assess issues and student information to come up with attendance boundary recommendations from staff. The committee meetings will be only for staff members and will not be open to the public.

“The School Engagement Committee meetings will proceed the public hearings and work sessions,” Lewis said. “And, from those committee meetings, we’ll come to the board with one or more recommendations.”

Staff members in the Planning and Legislative Services Department have always presented their recommendations for any boundary changes, but it’s been years since the School Board has followed a staff recommendation. Instead, the board has generally adopted attendance maps drafted by a board member.

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