Letter: The Patriot Project Board

Editor:  Thank you for your many interesting community stories. In last week’s issue, we were happy to see Stilson Greene’s depiction of The Spirit of Loudoun statue above a quote from President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

For those who don’t know, the actual Spirit of Loudoun statue sits to the left of the Loudoun County Courthouse where it has been for two years. The statue, begun by Larry Moison, who sadly died before completion, took more than 10 years to achieve and it was through the efforts of The Patriot Project Board, Clerk of Court, Gary Clemens and many in the community, that it is there for all to enjoy today. While there had been monuments for other wars at the courthouse, the one that gave us freedom and those who made it possible, were not honored. Now, thanks to so many individuals, those brave men and women from Loudoun County are honored.

When you drive by the Courthouse, the statue is standing in its rightful place for all to see, enjoy and to remind us to be thankful for our freedoms.

The Patriot Project Board

James B. Christian, Teresa M. McCarthy, Gail A. Adams, Claude J. Bradshaw, Gary M. Clemens, Terri A. Coleman, Dr. Donald G. Cooper, Wanda G. English, Francis R. and Judith L. Lindsay, Wynne C. Saffer and Joan A. Whitener

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