Williams: Accelerated Boundary Process Would Help Deliver Full-Day Kindergarten

Loudoun County School Board members can’t seem to agree on how much flexibility to give the superintendent to redraw attendance boundaries to free up classroom space for full-day kindergarten.

In meetings throughout June, School Board members have debated a proposed policy change that would allow Superintendent Eric Williams to recommend an expedited process for boundary changes under specific circumstances. Those include: converting a traditional school to a charter school, addressing a new housing development that would otherwise cause overcrowding at a school, addressing minimal overcrowding that can be resolved with reassigning 10 percent or less of a school’s students, and in any unforeseen emergencies.

That last one could give the superintendent an option to recommend that the board shift attendance boundaries to make room in several schools for full-day kindergarten programs.

Williams told the School Board on Tuesday that at least five schools in Ashburn and the Leesburg area will not get full-day kindergarten unless attendance boundaries are adjusted, modular classrooms are installed, or classroom additions are built.

“It gives a tool to the board to expand FDK. … It’s not a commitment to approve any plan; it would just give you an option,” Williams said.

Chairman Jeff Morse (Dulles) said the School Board always has the option to adjust boundaries to free up more kindergarten classrooms through the traditional, longer boundary process. Current policy requires the board to hold several public hearings and work sessions ahead of adopting any boundary changes.

But board member Eric Hornberger (Ashburn) said there is not enough time to do a full round of multiple public hearings and work sessions ahead of kindergarten registration for the 2018-2019 school year.

School system planners have told him that expedited boundary processes to make “slight, targeted” adjustments would allow for Lucketts and Cedar Lane elementary schools to have full-day kindergarten, Hornberger said. “If we do not adjust the policy in this instance, we have effectively taken away a tool to bring full-day kindergarten to at least these two schools and maybe others … and that’s a shame.”

Eric DeKenipp (Catoctin), who is skeptical that any boundary changes would be minor, told his colleagues, “It would throw central Loudoun into chaos. I don’t see how this is a feasible solution for full-day kindergarten.”

At DeKenipp’s suggestion, board members decided to push off a vote on the new policy until its next meeting in August. They asked senior staff members to provide more detail about which schools could be targeted for accelerated boundary changes, with the goal of expanding a full school day to more kindergartners.

See the proposed policy changes here.

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Loudoun Considers Shorter Process to Redraw School Attendance Boundaries

One thought on “Williams: Accelerated Boundary Process Would Help Deliver Full-Day Kindergarten

  • 2017-07-03 at 10:55 am

    So let me get this straight. It is June 2017 and we are talking about boundaries for the beginning of school in Aug 2018. And Hornberger says that there is “not enough time” to hold hearings between now and then with a straight face?

    Let’s recap Hornberger’s “contributions” on the board:

    1. As a community activist, Hornberger would propose his own boundary plans protecting his preferred Ashburn neighborhood. Once he got on the board, he took that option away from community members and concentrated his power on the board.

    2. Now, Hornberger wants an “emergency” option to do whatever the school board wants without any public input. The supposedly limited circumstances have obviously expanded to anything the board wants to in this FDK excuse.

    3. Hornberger attempted to limit the time for public comments at board meetings and prevent anyone from criticizing any board member specifically.

    4. Hornberger pushed to remove the suicide policy from the LCPS website once an affected parent brought attention to it. He didn’t want anybody to be able to prove the policy wasn’t followed.

    Is there anything this corrupt politician won’t try?

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