Letter: M.B. Cranshaw, Aldie

Editor: I am writing now because this news affects many of your readers, of all political persuasions.

On April 6, Aetna announced it would not be offering exchange based individual health care insurance in Iowa in 2018. By May 3, it had amended that announcement to include the last three states where it offered coverage in 2017—Nebraska, Delaware and Virginia. In 2016, Aetna announced it was not offering 2017 renewal of coverage in 11 of the 15 states it covered that year. Now, by non-renewing in the last four, Aetna has completely exited the individual marketplace, beginning Jan. 1, 2018.

I received my non-renewal notice for 2018 two days ago. Hurrah!

This is great news, because as the other carriers follow suit, there will be no insurance company left that will be foolish enough to participate in the abject failure known as Obamacare. There’s a reason no Republicans supported it in 2009 and 2010, and now we are seeing the bitter fruits of their dire predictions. Seventeen of the 23 health co-ops have failed; the remainder will in short order. Millions of Americans have lost “affordable” coverage that they could barely pay for to begin with. The Republicans warned of this—seven years ago—and the liberals would not listen.

The facts speak for themselves. Res ipsa loquitur. This is a scam that never could have worked—never—and the withdrawal of the insurance carriers from the states they formerly served is but another handful of nails in the coffin of Obama’s signature lie.

One reader wondered how I could know all of these things, such as the voters’ mandate to kill Obamacare? Simple. I stay in frequent communication with the offices of elected officials and the insurance companies themselves, not only in Virginia, but numerous other states, as well. It really is our civic duty to do so, is it not? We certainly can’t rely on information provided by the lefty media and penny-ante experts who attended high level meetings, espousing the virtues of government meddling in health care.

M.B. Cranshaw, Aldie


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