Kirchner Joins Atoka’s Purcellville Office

A former candidate of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” television series, Kristen Kirchner has joined Atoka Properties’ Purcellville office.

Kirchner is a seasoned real estate agent with more than 19 years in the business as a real estate agent and mortgage banker. She began her real estate venture at an early age helping her father with his real estate development company and appraisal company in Northern Virginia.

In addition to her four-week appearance in Season 3 of the NBC reality TV series in 2005, she has been written about in Fast Company Magazine, as well as REIP the Rewards, a real estate investors’ publication, as being the investor of the month. She has also been on various business shows such as CNBC’s Donny Deutch and Power Lunch, NBC’s The Today Show, FOX’s Fox and Friends, and many more shows for her business expertise on various real estate and market topics. Staging properties for sale is a particular area of Kirchner’s expertise, as she comes from a family background of interior decorators.

She can be contacted at 571-247-4723 or

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