Letter: Chuck Hedges, Lovettsville

Democrats must vote June 13.  This primary election will determine who runs against the ineffective David LaRock, who misrepresents District 33 in the Virginia House of Delegates.

We have two candidates seeking the nomination: Tia Walbridge and Mavis Taintor. Either of these candidates would make a meaningful contribution to Richmond’s legislative process.  While both are good, one is exceptional: Tia Walbridge.

Ms. Walbridge is bright, energetic, companionate, insightful, and pragmatic. Tia has the tenacity to mount the grassroots, “in-your-face” campaign we need to beat LaRock.

Walbridge and her family have lived in the district for 12 years.  She knows the meaning of sacrifice as she worked the small farm and cared for her young daughters while her husband Nate was on a nine month deployment to Afghanistan.  This was after he dealt with three, yes, three bouts of cancer. Tia was there to support Nate and their two daughters through this ordeal.  Tia and Nate were fortunate to have health insurance, this is why Tia wants to fight to protect coverage for the uninsured and lower premiums for families in the 33rd District.

Tia is a product of the public-school system and both of her daughters thrive in public schools right here in this district – you can bet that education is a top priority for Tia. She knows the struggles faced by small businesses, Tia owns a small sheep farm in Round Hill and renovates houses. I know she’ll fight for these values because of her shared experience. As a small business person, she renovates houses near Winchester and raises sheep near Round Hill.  Tia knows the struggles faced by businesses.

For me, the most compelling reason to vote for Tia Walbridge is the fact that she represents a new generation of political activists.  Tia has a long life ahead of her and she will work to achieve a future that will be respectable for her and her children.  It is time that we, as Democrats, turn the political reins over to creative men and women who will make our district respected now, and make a better future for all Virginians.

Please join with me in casting your vote for Tia Walbridge.

Chuck Hedges, Lovettsville

[Editor’s Note: The writer was the Democratic challenger to Del. LaRock in the 2015 election.]

One thought on “Letter: Chuck Hedges, Lovettsville

  • 2017-06-05 at 4:24 pm

    Chuck – I bet your multi-millionaire aristocrat NYC carpet bagger friend Mavis Taintor, who seems to rarely be in town, will be upset to hear that you aren’t supporting her. Sad that Mavis is fronting $110,000.00 of her own money, in order to try and beat her Mr. LaRock, her real competitor. The Democrats must be truly desparate, again, and will do just about anything, just like when they previously got another carpet-bagger elected to Governor. Good luck.

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