Early Attendance Offered for Rezoned Rising Freshmen

By Caroline Boras

Students who would have to transfer schools at the beginning of sophomore year because of attendance zone boundary changes now have an option to make the switch sooner. The School Board voted this week to allow certain rising freshmen to start classes at the school to which they were rezoned.

When the School Board adopted attendance zones for Brambleton Middle School and the new Independence High School last year, a group of students were reassigned to Broad Run, Riverside, Rock Ridge or Stone Bridge high schools beginning in 2018. The plan was for them to start in their current high school this fall 2017, then to move to a new school next year.

Now, rising some rising freshmen can choose to start at their future high school next year. A total of 83 students are are eligible for this option.

“As we continue to look at secondary boundaries, I’d like to keep this model in mind,” said Eric DeKenipp (Catoctin). “It could very well serve as a best practice for us to help facilitate a smooth transition.”

If students opt into early attendance, they will have to find their own transportation to school. Once the rezoning rules go into effect for the 2018-2019 school year, Loudoun County Public Schools will provide bus transportation.

LCPS staff members will survey families eligible for early attendance to determine whether they would prefer their rising freshman to start high school at their rezoned assignment.

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