Roaming Cattle Causing Stir in Leesburg

In a county that is becoming more urban-suburban, the Town of Leesburg’s police department got back to its rural roots Monday, in helping organize a search for some loose cattle.

According to Officer Sam Shenouda, the department received a call around 1 p.m. Monday that some cattle had been seen roaming in near intersection of Dry Mill Road and Catoctin Circle.

When officers got to the area, they established a perimeter around the 100 block of Governor’s Drive, where a bull was secured with the assistance of a veterinarian. The bull was safely returned to his home pasture at Dr. John Cook’s Rock Spring Farm, near the intersection of Loudoun Street and Dry Mill Road. But as of Tuesday, the search for three more bovines was continuing.

This morning, three bovines remain at large.

The police department has been receiving calls of cattle sightings from town residents since yesterday. Shenouda recommends that any cattle sightings be reported to Loudoun County Animal Control at 703-777-0406.

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