Letter: Paul McCray, Purcellville

Editor: The majority of the council in Purcellville seems intent on cutting taxes without regard for the consequences.

We all like to keep as much of our hard-earned money as we can, but we also like to have services which keep us safe and make life easier.

I don’t think that what we pay in town taxes is too high compared to the value we get for our money.

I like having someone to make sure our trash is collected, our roads are plowed (usually before VDOT clears their roads outside of town) and the streets are well maintained. When I moved to town many summers ago, the town was on water restrictions because of a drought. After that, the council had a dual goal of finding more water sources and encouraging water conservation—they achieved success in both. No water restrictions since.

I live near the north side of town and Catoctin Creek runs nearby; my kids played in the stream when we moved here. I like the idea that the town’s sewage processing was upgraded to make the discharge from the treatment plant as clean as possible. I use conservation methods to keep my water and sewer bill low.

I know the police department is expensive, but it serves a vital function. The Loudoun Sheriff’s Office could take over responsibility for the town, as some on the council have suggested, but could they be as proactive as our town police? I think the reason Purcellville has such a low crime rate is because of the presence of our community police officers.

The recent actions of some of the Purcellville Council appears to be an attempt to deconstruct the administrative state in town, something that I don’t think needs to be done.

I worked for a year in Purcellville’s Town Hall and in small government for 38 years before that. My observations were that taxpayers in town were and still are getting good value for their money. Many employees handle multiple duties and all are kept very busy. During one of the big snow storms, I saw an administrative assistant from town hall driving the plow down my street throughout the day. That job probably wasn’t in her job description.

Now the council is dropping out of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission to save the membership fees. For the small sum of money paid to NVRC, our town takes advantage of the same resources as counties 100 times our population. Frankly, our council needs that expertise.

Cutting the budget just to save money is foolish if you throw away the value it brings to our town.

Paul McCray, Purcellville

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