Lovettsville’s Tax Value Touted

Think taxes are high in Lovettsville? Don’t blame the Town Council.

That’s the gist of an analysis prepared by Town Manager Laszlo Palko for a town budget meeting last week.

Palko noted that the town’s 21-cent real estate tax rate is about average among Loudoun’s towns. However, Lovettsville is one of only two towns—Middleburg is the other—that doesn’t impose a personal property tax. That makes Lovettsville’s tax burden the second lowest in Loudoun.

Around the state, town tax rates average 19 cents, according to Palko’s memo, but most Virginia towns—66 percent—either don’t offer trash pick or charge extra for the service.

County taxes, on the other hand, are well above the statewide average. Loudoun’s $1.145 real estate tax rate is more than twice that of Virginia’s 69-cent average and its $4.20 personal property tax rate is well above the average of $2.93. “If our residents are over taxed, it is because of county taxes, not the town,” Palko wrote, also noting that county tax structure funds a “renowned school system which also puts pressure on property values to rise” resulting in higher tax bills.

With an eye to keeping its relatively low tax burden, the Town Council was scheduled to hold three budget work sessions this week.

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