Hillsboro Issues RFP for Traffic Calming Project

After more than a decade of planning, Hillsboro’s Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Calming Project has reached an important milestone. The town last week issued a request for proposals soliciting bids from engineering firms wishing to work on the project.

The goal is to create a pedestrian- and business-friendly streetscape that retains the integrity and authenticity of this well-preserved, historically significant rural village. Planned features include two traffic roundabouts, raised crosswalks, sidewalks, on-street parking, a bike/shared-use path, burial of all overhead utilities, duct banks for future communication/data utilities, design and installation of a new drinking water main and sanitary sewer main and laterals.

The engineering work would move the project into “bid-ready” status to move to the construction phase.

Bids are due May 19.

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