Letter: Aleta Kennedy, Aldie

Editor:  This is in response to last week’s letter by Nancy Ryan of Aldie entitled “Get Involved.”  I was one of the voices heard at the Envision Loudoun. I live in the transition area and I did get involved at the meetings.

I feel that the transition area is not in western Loudoun nor in the central parts of Loudoun; it is in the eastern part of Loudoun.  This part of Loudoun is now host to the ever-growing developments that all of Loudoun County is enjoying, let me list a few: Stone Springs Hospital, the Gum Springs Library, Harris Teeters, Walgreens, CVS, the rehab center, the emergency center, the fantastic Dulles Landing Shopping Center, and parks that are coming our way just to mention a few.  I would like to ask Nancy Ryan if she uses any of these facilities and isn’t it better than traveling to other areas of the county. I know that I and my neighbors certainly enjoy all these amenities.

The Visions and Goals that she says are being proposed by the Stakeholders Committee is a great vision: Make a great place (were making it); be an economic force (we’re doing that);

bring people and places together (wow as I just mentioned we certainly are doing that); and strengthen assets and nurture people (can she not see that happening).

If you don’t want growth and if you don’t want convenience to go along with what is already in the transition area, you need to move west of Rt. 15, further into the rural western part of Loudoun and hopefully you want to complain about all the great vineyards.

So sorry she was stunned to find out that residents who were placed in the transition did speak out about their properties being downzoned. How would she like to have her property downzoned?

I am a concerned citizen and I am contacting the Board of Supervisors and urging them to think of all their residents who would very much like to be taken out of the transition area and let Loudoun move on with what is already being voiced that Loudoun is a great and prosperous county to live in and raise our families, and, guess what, that is because of the development that is taking place in this eastern part of the county. I must say we are a long way from the West Virginia border.

Aleta Kennedy, Aldie


2 thoughts on “Letter: Aleta Kennedy, Aldie

  • 2017-04-25 at 11:50 am

    Admittedly, I’m having some trouble following the letter. If I understand correctly, the author is currently living in the Transition Zone and wants it eliminated. I live in the Transition Zone and, like the majority of TZ residents, don’t want it to change. It is the happy median. Using Ms. Kennedy’s own logic and recommendation, if she doesn’t like it, she should move farther east into more developed areas.

  • 2017-04-25 at 1:08 pm

    Clearly, the letter writer wants to bulldoze Loudoun. If we move the Transition area further west that means the rural area gets much smaller. At one point do we say no?

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