Leesburg Commission Presses For Two-Over-Two Design Standards

Members of the Leesburg Planning Commission are pushing for the Town Council to adopt some new standards when it comes to two-over-two residential units in town.

Also known as stacked townhouses, the condominium-style units have become a popular choice both for builders and residents throughout the county, and have popped up in many recent land development applications under review.

But during a recent Town Council meeting, Commissioner Doris Kidder addressed the council to share some commissioner concerns about building design.

A chief concern is the cluttered appearance of some of the rear units of the two-over-twos, where trash receptacles, HVAC units, and cars need to share space along small driveways. In addition to finding better functionality and aesthetics in the rear of these units, the commission is proposing requirements to break up the variety of the fronts of the facades of the townhouses. Finally, the commission proposes to require more information when an application is submitted that would address some of these concerns, such as how the location and screening of HVAC units and trash receptacles will be accommodated in rear-loaded attached units.

“We feel like if this is submitted with the application a lot of time and expense can be saved,” she said.

To achieve these goals, the Town Council would need to pass a Zoning Ordinance amendment. That is expected to be the subject of an upcoming work session, where council members will determine whether to proceed.

2 thoughts on “Leesburg Commission Presses For Two-Over-Two Design Standards

  • 2017-04-12 at 4:55 pm

    Thank you Doris for bringing this forward for the LPC. The idea of having those items submitted from the beginning really could save time and effort for everyone.

  • 2017-04-22 at 10:20 am

    Poor Doris, when will she learn that any suggestions made to the Town Council are ultimately swayed the developers way?

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