Lansdowne Man Gets 10 Years in 2015 Shootings

Javier K. Todd was a Lansdowne teen on a course to join the military, following the example of his U. S. Air Force parents. But he lost his way and now will spend the next decade in a Virginia prison.

Todd, 21, was sentenced Tuesday in connection with two violent attacks that occurred in January 2015.

He was arrested and charged with attempted murder after a Jan. 26 assault in the area of Coton Hall Street and Riverpoint Drive in Lansdowne. In that case, Todd and his friend Timothy R. Vaughn, 20, of Ashburn, went to meet with an acquaintance. As cars pulled up side by side, Vaughn fired multiple rounds into the victim’s vehicle. Todd and Vaughn were charged with attempted murder and a slew of firearms charges in the attack. Vaughn pleaded guilty in the case later that year and is serving time in the Augusta Correctional Center.

While Todd was still held in jail six months later, he was charged with more crimes.

Todd was identified as the suspect in a Jan. 22 road-rage case that happened on Rt. 7 near CountrySide. He was driving with his pregnant girlfriend when a vehicle pulled up on the passenger side and the two drivers began shouting at each other while traveling at highway speeds on the road. The altercation ended when Todd fired four shots into the rear of the vehicle and the other driver exited onto Loudoun County Parkway. In that case, Todd was charged with another slew of firearms charges.

In the combined cases, Todd pleaded guilty to malicious wounding, five counts of shooting at a motor vehicle, one count of shooting from a motor vehicle, and four counts of shooting from a motor vehicle so as to endanger persons. Because Todd was found guilty of larceny in a 2014 robbery case, he also was sentenced on convictions of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and a probation violation.

After hearing testimony from Todd and his mother in court Tuesday, Circuit Court Judge Jeanette A. Irby handed up a total sentence of 26 years in prison, with 16 years of suspended time. Following his release, he’ll be required to spend five years on probation.

In his testimony, Todd recognized that the military career he and his parents had envisioned—he had participated in summer cadet training programs starting in sixth grade and had intended to enlist after high school—was off the table. But he promised to be a better person after he serves his time in prison. “I will use my skills and training in the right way,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Lansdowne Man Gets 10 Years in 2015 Shootings

  • 2017-04-13 at 4:15 pm

    he will be out in 3-4 years. why did the judge suspend 60% of his sentence? what could be possibly be thinking…..

  • 2017-04-15 at 11:17 am

    This case has a whiff of Bush about it…Det. Mark Bush!!! A crime fighting, ridge running, God fearing detective. He’ll catch you outside (or inside), how ’bout dat.

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