County Planners, Consultants Rate Loudoun’s Worst Intersections

County transportation staff members have ranked the worst intersections in Loudoun County—and proposed a six-year, $21.6 million plan to start fixing them.

“Despite the significant investment by the private sector, we still suffer from many segments of our transportation system being incomplete,” said Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure Director Joe Kroboth. He said county staff have been working “diligently” behind the scenes for two years to come up with ideas to fix that.

His department identified and rated 724 intersections in the county, focusing on the 544 without traffic signals. The highest-priority intersections were those on main or collector roads, with a high number of crashes, with a high volume of traffic, key crossings of major roadways, or directly affected by nearby transportation projects.

Forty-three intersections met that standard. Among them, 14 are already scheduled for improvement, leaving 29 intersections in the worst shape with no current plans to improve them. There are another 45 intersections in the second-worst ranking tier that need work, which also show crashes, high traffic, pedestrian crossings, and potential for growth in the next few years. The ranking does not include intersections inside the corporate limits of Leesburg or Purcellville.

The $21.6 million program would improve 45 intersections over the next six years.

“We believe this plan will help the board in determining where best to spend the limited amount of resources that you have, as well as this limited amount of staffing that you have,” Kroboth said.

For the report to the Board of Supervisors, Kroboth and his staff teamed up with Kimley-Horn Associates, the same consulting firm that is on the team of consultants working on the Envision Loudoun project, to update the county’s comprehensive plan, and the Purcellville comprehensive plan. Cody Smith, with Kimley Horn, said they gathered five years of crash data.

Supervisors and staff members also suggested handing the intersection improvement program over to a consulting firm, rather than bidding and managing each project separately.

“The program lends itself exceptionally to, quite honestly, hiring a firm, a consulting firm like a Kimley-Horn, to manage the program,” Kroboth said. “From that perspective, it would take one Loudoun County staff person to manage that program management contract, as opposed to managing this massive construction program.”

Kroboth also said having that information on Loudoun’s worst intersections may help the county in applying for transportation grants and funding.

Supervisors seized on the idea, voting 8-0-1, with County Chairwoman Phyllis J. Randall (D-At Large) absent, to send it to the board’s finance committee to figure out a way to pay for it.


The Worst Intersections in Loudoun…

These are those intersections most in need of improvements due to safety and capacity problems that do not have traffic signals, according to county planners and consultants. They are only ordered by electoral district. Those marked with an asterisk are already scheduled for improvement in the county’s existing capital plans.

Algonkian Parkway and Hardwood Forest Drive/Nobel Terrace

Ashburn Road and Faulkner Parkway

Claiborne Parkway and Marshfield Drive/Crossroads Drive

Riverside Parkway and Ashburn Village Boulevard*

Belmont Ridge Road and Croson Lane*

Belmont Ridge Road and Northstar Boulevard*

Belmont Ridge Road and Shreveport Drive

Evergreen Mills Road and Langley Oaks Drive

Harry Byrd Highway and Clayton Hall Road

Loudoun County Parkway and Arcola Road*

Loudoun County Parkway and Claiborne Parkway

Loudoun County Parkway and Shreveport Drive*

Northstar Boulevard and Creighton Road

Ryan Road and Claiborne Parkway*

Ryan Road and Cotton Grass Way/Legacy Park Drive

Ryan Road and Northstar Boulevard*

Atlantic Boulevard and Century Boulevard/Majestic Drive

Croson Lane and Moorview Parkway

Gloucester Parkway and Smith Switch Road/Ashby Ponds Boulevard*

Lockridge Road and Moran Road*

Loudoun County Parkway and Beaumeade Circle (North)*

Moorview Parkway and Old Ryan Road (North)

Old Ox Road and Douglas Court

Old Ox Road and Oak Grove Road*

Pacific Boulevard and Auto World Circle/Commercial Drive*

Waxpool Road and Demott Drive

Waxpool Road and Shellhorn Road

Wynridge Drive and Mooreview Parkway (will be signalized with Metro station)

Waxpool Road and Ashburn Road/Ryan Corner Place

Loudoun County Parkway and Center Street*

Old Ox Road and Dulles Summit Court

Old Ox Road and Pebble Run Place*

Old Ryan Road (South) and Mooreview Parkway

Tall Cedars Parkway and Edgewater Street

Tall Cedars Parkway and Elk Lick Road

Tall Cedars Parkway and Nations Street

Tall Cedars Parkway and Stone Springs Boulevard

Harry Byrd Highway and Cedar Drive

Sterling Boulevard and Glenn Drive

Sterling Boulevard and Laurel Avenue (North)

Sugarland Road and Church Road/Frederick Drive

3 thoughts on “County Planners, Consultants Rate Loudoun’s Worst Intersections

  • 2017-04-03 at 11:02 am

    Can’t believe Evergreen Mills and Watson Road intersection didn’t make the cut.

    • 2017-09-08 at 7:05 pm

      I agree that Watson Road/Evergreen Mills is the most dangerous intersection in Loudoun County. Needs to be closed off permanently, or alternatively 25 mph speed limit the length of Watson Road plus speeding ticket cameras.

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