Letter: Ibrahim A. Moiz, Sterling

Editor: “Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.” This quote from one of the greatest authors of the 19th Century, Henry David Thoreau, and truly exemplifies who Mark Herring is and what he stands for and battles against.

Throughout his political career, Mark Herring has been a man who lives his beliefs and follows through on his promises. Leesburg, Loudoun County, and the commonwealth are better places because of his leadership. We have seen his stance against racism and intolerance since the Trump Administration took office. Along with our governor, Herring held a press conference to speak out against the “Muslim Ban.” His office was one of the first attorney general’s office in this country to act after the “Muslim Ban” was announced. He has since visited and spoken at town halls throughout the Commonwealth discussing the AG office’s dedication and commitment to defending and protecting the rights and liberties of all Virginians, especially Virginia’s minority communities.

The Republican Party of Virginia has taken issue to Herring’s attendance at a town hall at one of the largest mosques in Virginia, the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, with the Nation’s leading Muslim civil rights organization, the Council on American Islamic Relations. The petition found on their website urges visitors to tell the AG to apologize for attending the town hall. The petition is riddled with unfounded allegations and untruths which are often used by Islamophobes and bigots.

Herring’s attendance at this town hall is on par with his message that Virginia is a state of tolerance and inclusion and his office will stand up for all Virginians against those who espouse and encourage hate.

Our attorney general does not owe anyone an apology. Virginia’s GOP leadership needs to reevaluate the message of intolerance they are advocating and learn from Herring how a Virginia statesman represents his people in the best interest of the commonwealth.

Ibrahim A. Moiz, Sterling


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  • 2017-03-29 at 2:43 pm

    Propaganda! Herring does not represent me and my beliefs.

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