Purcellville Council Members Push for Broadband Options

Councilman Nedim Ogelman and Vice Mayor Karen Jimmerson have taken a lead in an effort to make fiber-based broadband connectivity available town wide.

In a memo sent to the full council this week, Ogelman wrote that since last summer they had reached out to wired and wireless service providers; obtained a quote form Verizon and requested quotes from Comcast and Cox; and investigated county, state and federal partnerships that could support the effort.

“Purcellville will not be a spectator in the Internet of Things ear and the broadband economy,” Ogelman wrote. “We want to be an enabler in it as the hub of Western Loudoun.”

Among their suggestions is to create a town ordinance requiring fiber conduit to be installed as part of public works projects around town and to consider a phase approach to provide broadband service first to town-owned properties, then to the town’s business corridors, and then to residential neighborhoods.


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