Letter: Guy Potucek, Ashburn

Editor: Rep. Barbara Comstock refuses to publically condemn the racism evident in Steve King, a senior member of the House of Representatives Republican Caucus.

I called her office and her staff offered to take my name and forward my request for a public statement to the Congresswoman. Apparently, Rep. Comstock will stand on principles only if prodded by constituents.

She says that she was once a “Reagan Democrat” which tells me that President Reagan was influential in her transition from Democrat to Republican.  I can relate, I was a Reagan Republican until 2000.

As she considers the principles upon which she will take a stand, she should look to Reagan’s “Brotherhood of Man” speech. President Regan delivered this speech in 1990 to recognize the fall of the Berlin Wall. Here is an excerpt: “may we dedicate ourselves to hastening the day when all God’s children live in a world without walls. That would be the greatest empire of all. … The truth of the matter is, if we take this crowd and if we could go through and ask the heritage, the background of every family represented here, we would probably come up with the names of every country on earth, every corner of the world, and every race. Here, is the one spot on earth where we have the brotherhood of man.”

Guy Potucek, Ashburn


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  • 2017-03-16 at 3:09 pm

    Let’s see, last week Barbara was responsible for the drinking water in Leesburg. This week, she’s responsible for some Iowa congressman’s comments. Now they’re reduced to conflating the Iron Curtan; a wall that trapped people in a slave state, to a secure border.

    Since we’re cutting and splicing Reagan speeches, here’s the best parts of the speech mentioned:

    “And for those trapped behind the iron curtain spied on and lied to by their corrupt governments, denied their freedoms, their bread, even their faith in a power greater than that of the state — for them Churchill was no warmonger and the western alliance no enemy. For the victims of communist oppression, the iron curtain was made all too real in a concrete wall, surrounded by barbed wire and attack dogs and guards with orders to shoot on sight anyone trying to escape the so-called worker’s paradise of East Germany.”

    “For years it had been suggested by some opinion-makers that all would be well in the world if only the United States lowered its profile. Some of them would not only have us lower our profile — they would also lower our flag. I disagreed. I thought that the 1980’s were a time to stop apologizing for America’s legitimate national interest, and start asserting them.”

  • 2017-03-29 at 2:44 pm

    Isn’t Guy a big wig in the Indivisible movement with a axe to grind?

  • 2017-04-12 at 9:42 am

    So I guess those big rally’s against Comstock and others petered out huh Guy? Invisible is more apt!

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