Budget Scrutiny Begins In Leesburg

Leesburg Town Council members opened their debate on the proposed $07 million fiscal year 2018 budget Wednesday night with a focus the town’s current financial standing and six-year Capital Improvements Program.

The session lasted just over an hour, with Mayor Kelly Burk asking council members to limit their questions to town staff on the two subjects to 10 minutes total – five minutes on the financial projections, and five minutes on the CIP.

Council members have had the opportunity since Town Manager Kaj Dentler presented the budget last week to email questions on any budget-related subject to town staff. Burk reminded council members Wednesday night that that opportunity was still available if not all council questions could be answered during work sessions.

A running list of council budget questions, and their corresponding staff answers, can be found online at leesburgva.gov/budget. The webpage also includes an area where members of the public may submit their own questions to the town manager.

The next budget work session is planned for Monday, March 13, during the council’s regularly scheduled work session at 7 p.m. That session will focus on proposed enhancements in the budget. Among the items expected to garner attention is Dentler’s proposal to consider that the town apply to be a Main Street community; and the proposed addition of five staff members to the town’s payroll. A public hearing on the budget is planned for the following evening, Tuesday, March 14.

A March 21 budget work session, which begins at 7:30 p.m., will focus on utilities. The council’s March 27 budget work session is planned to be a mark-up session, in anticipation of a potential budget vote and adoption during a special meeting Tuesday, April 4. The 7 p.m. special meeting will also include a public hearing on the proposed 18.6-cent tax rate, unchanged from this year.




Leesburg Budget: Dentler Recommends Staff Increase, Level Tax Rate

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