Despite Petition, Loudoun Will Not Shorten School Year

We’re six months into the school year and spring is nearly here, but Loudoun County Public Schools has not used one of its 15 snow days built into the calendar.

And about 1,400 people think that should change.

An online petition launched a week ago begs school leaders to shorten the academic year, “so that students’ and teachers’ time is not wasted due to unnecessary instruction.”

As of this morning, it had 1,391 signatures.

But it’s not likely to happen, according to Wayde Byard, the voice on the other end of the phone calls delivering the always welcomed message that school has been delayed or canceled because of inclement weather.

Byard, the school system’s public information officer, said the county’s public schools work on a fixed calendar. “That means when the calendar is set the previous year, parents can count on certain days being off and plan accordingly,” he wrote in an email. “When the issue of giving back days has been raised in the past, we’ve had a lot of pushback from parents who would have to find daycare on short notice or significantly change their work schedule.”

Plus, he added, end-of-year events like graduation and exams have been set and any changes could lead to scheduling problems.

For now, the last day of the academic year will remain as scheduled, June 9.

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Video: Snowman Wayde Byard Explains Snow Days

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