New Mural Coming To Liberty Street

The area surrounding the Liberty Street parking lot in downtown Leesburg is set to get a bit brighter, thanks to a Town Council endorsement of a new mural.

According to a staff report, the project is in motion thanks to a local business, and it had a pretty quick turnaround. In December, Sagetopia LLC, a graphic design studio located on Liberty Street, approached the Commission on Public Art for permission to paint a mural on the side of a town-owned building at the Liberty Street parking lot. The one-story, white cinderblock building is used as a support facility for the Department of Public Works and Capital Projects.

Commissioners approved the mural design at their February meeting. The mural includes cartoon scenes of Leesburg and the words “Discover the Charm” in black and white on a light teal background.

While the funding has not been finalized, only private, non-town funds will be expended. The town’s lone role, now that the project has been approved, will be to prepare the building wall for painting by power-washing it and possibly doing some surface touch-ups. The town will own and maintain the mural. After the mural is complete, it may need to be touched up over the years.

It was a narrow vote in favor of the new public art project, with three council members opposing its installation. Vice Mayor Suzanne Fox said she had some misgivings that this project would circumvent Board of Architectural Review scrutiny, and Councilman Tom Dunn said he felt there was nothing about the mural that fit with the character of the historic downtown. Councilman Hugh Forsythe also voted against the project.
The mural is expected to be completed in the springtime.

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