Senior Living Proposal Gets Positive Reception in Purcellville

The Maryland developer planning to purchase the 20-acre Stupar property may be onto a concept that Purcellville residents will support.

During a community meeting at the Carver Center on Monday night, Jeff Lessans of Buckeye Development solicited suggestions from about 40 residents, including Mayor Kwasi Fraser and members of the Town Council.

He outlined plans to build a senior living complex on the property, which stretches along Hirst Road in the southwest quadrant of the Maple Avenue intersection. Among the options under consideration are rental apartments or for-sale condos for residents age 55 and older, an assisted living center, a memory care facility, adult day care and child care offerings.

Those in the audience agree there is a big need for those services. Affordability will be a central concern, residents said, noting retirees are often forced to move out of the community and those need special elder care have few local options and must go east to Sterling or Ashburn or west to Winchester to find services.

The tone of the hour-long meeting was a positive result for the development team. Buckeye is the contract purchaser of the property.

Previous development proposals by others for the property over the past decade have been met by swift and passionate opposition. Those projects envisioned an entertainment complex or apartments.

Buckeye representatives said their proposal would bring less traffic, have no impact on area schools, generate commercial tax revenue and fill a community need.

In answering questions, Lessans emphasized his team was in the very early stages of the project and wants to hear from residents and town leaders before deciding on which uses to pursue. He said the development company would seek out companies that can offer services the town wants.

If the project moves forward, Lessans said development plans could take up to two years to clear town review, with numerous opportunities for more public input along the way.

Faser and other council members encouraged Lessans to continue public outreach, especially with the members of the Carver Center, the hub for senior activities in western Loudoun.

A development concept to build a senior living center on the 20-acre Stupar property along Hirst Road in Purcellville.

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