Heritage Craft School to Teach Herbal Medicine

The Waterford Heritage Craft School’s spring session will offer a class in herbal medicine.

According to a National Institutes of Health study, it is the most popular form of the alternative medical treatments, now used by one-third of Americans. More than $12 billion is spent annually on natural product supplements like melatonin, echinacea and garlic. Crafts school students will learn how to make their own remedies using easy-to-grow herbs often thought of as weeds.

“I’ll teach my students how to grow and store herbs, and which herbs can be used to treat which ailments,” said class instructor Jessica Baker of Day Spring Farm. “They’ll leave the class with everything they need to know to get started making their own remedies.”

The three other course topics will be offered at the craft school’s April 1-2 session. They include the Turkish art of Ebru, or paper marbling, which dates to 986 A.D., and the centuries-old arts of basket weaving, and veneering. Classes include 12 hours of instruction over Saturday and Sunday, with lunch provided on both days. Tuition is $300 for each class. Fees for materials range from an additional $20 to $60.

The Waterford Heritage Craft School will hold three more sessions this year, each featuring different class topics. Dates are May 6-7, June 3-4 and July 8-9.

To register, contact the Waterford Foundation at 540-882-3018 or go to waterfordfoundation.org.

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