Hillsboro Charter School Principal Resigns

Hillsboro Charter Academy announced this morning the resignation of its principal, Trisha Ybarra-Peters, six months into the school’s first year.

Ybarra-Peters has been on medical leave since December. In early January, the school announced the appointment of Virginia “Ginger” Minshew, a now-retired longtime Loudoun County principal, as a temporary administrator.

Rebecca Baldwin Fuller, president of the school’s board of directors, said she was sad to report Ybarra-Peters’ resignation.

She wrote in a letter to parents: “Trisha’s lasting contribution to our inaugural year remains with us as she leaves behind a wonderful team of teachers whom she selected and a nurturing atmosphere that has enabled HCA’s children to thrive. We have enormous affection for Trisha and gratitude for the wonderful start she gave us. We will forever cherish the energy and warmth she brought to the role as our founding principal.”

The board is immediately beginning to search for a new principal. Fuller said that the board is also looking for an administrator to lead the school for the remaining of the academic year.

“We recognize that many qualified candidates may not be able to transfer into the position at this late a juncture in the school year,” she said. “For this reason, we are also engaging in a search for someone who can take the position for the remainder of the year on a full-time basis, allowing Dr. Minshew to guide that person’s transition.”

Hillsboro Charter Academy opened in August as Loudoun’s second public charter school. It is a tuition-free elementary school, open to any county resident.

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