Lovettsville Leaders Prepare 2017 Priorities

The Town Council is scheduled to hold its annual planning retreat at Town Hall on Saturday.

The mayor and council members will work with Town Manager Laszlo Palko to identify priority initiatives for this coming year.

Among the projects on the to-do list is developing an economic development strategy and creating an Economic Development Authority; developing a Town Square Master Plan and engaging in a branding and tourism marketing effort; conducting an analysis of the town’s public works capabilities and potential to take on more road maintenance and parks and recreation work; conducting an analysis of utility usage over the past five years and the potential movement to radio meters to provide residents with timelier usage data; developing a social media policy and Freedom of Information Act policy; and evaluating and implementing agenda management technology to improve public access to meeting

How did town leaders do after last year’s planning retreat? The town has published its annual report, which can be viewed on the government’s website,

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