Fauls Leaving Chamber of Commerce

Brian Fauls, the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s first manager of Government Affairs, is leaving the post Friday, Feb. 3 after nearly four years to take on a job at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

Fauls helped create the Chamber’s public policy arm, something the Chamber’s board of directors had considered even before it was incorporated in 1968.

“This is something that even back then, our board had talk about the necessity of getting involved in the decisions of the community,” Fauls said. “In recent years they decided that most of that work had been done by Tony [Howard] as president and CEO, and it was just getting to be too much.”

“One of my strategic objectives was to make sure that the business community always had a seat at the table when the county or state governments were working on issues that affected the business community of Loudoun County,” Howard said. “It seems quite natural, you may even take it for granted, but that wasn’t always the case.”

The Chamber now has a seat on many advisory commissions, including alongside other business interests on the stakeholder steering committee guiding the county’s comprehensive plan revision.

Fauls came to the Chamber with 17 years of experience on Capitol Hill, among other experience. In Loudoun, he became a familiar face in the county boardroom and in meetings with elected leaders. At this week’s Chamber of Commerce sponsored breakfast with county supervisors, Fauls was presented with a plaque in appreciation of his work in Loudoun.

“To get somebody like that to launch our government affairs portion in the first place was quite fortunate, and frankly I think we caught lightning in the bottle to get someone with that kind of experience to get us off the ground,” Howard said.

Fauls said his work, speaking for the Chamber or coordinating and supporting other business leaders in advisory roles, has helped keep the business community informed and have a voice.

“It’s easy for me to go to the Board of Supervisors meetings,” Fauls said. “Not so much a guy who’s running a small business who’s got to help a client at 6:00 at night because their heater broke.”

Fauls begins his new job as the managing director of communication at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation Monday, Feb. 6. The OPIC, a semi-independent agency of the federal government, coordinates private capital investment into providing financing, political risk insurance and support for private equity investment funds in developing and risky international markets.

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