They’re Back: Can the USDA Chase Lovettsville’s Vultures Away?

The vultures have returned to their roost on the town’s water tank and town leaders are debating whether to finance a new campaign to chase them away.

Because of the nuisances and damage the birds can cause, the Town Council has been examining options to persuade them to move elsewhere. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Loudoun Wildlife Conservatory are sharing ideas. The council last week reviewed a $3,179 proposal from the USDA to use pyrotechnics, effigies, lights, lasers and firearms. Mayor Bob Zoldos said no action was taken because of concerns about the expense and impact these methods could have on the neighborhood. Another alternative: Just wait a few months knowing they’ll move along on their own.

Last year, the town attached inflatable orca whales to the top of the water tank following a theory that the birds would be scared away. The birds weren’t.


Lovettsville Fights Roosting Vultures with Orca Exercise

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