Under Construction: Loudoun’s Next Library

Construction is underway on the building that will house Loudoun’s next public library and books may be ready for check out early next year.

The developers of Brambleton are building the new library in the town center section of the community as part of a proffer deal for the 2,000-acre development. They’re providing 40,000 square feet of library space on the bottom two floors of a commercial office building, a model like that used at the Gum Spring Library in Stone Ridge.

Under the plan, the developer will design, build and furnish the library. The county will lease it from Brambleton starting next fiscal year and in FY 2019, and would take ownership space in FY 2020, paying a $7.1 million development fee to Brambleton. The agreement is designed to allow the library to open three years earlier and at a lower cost than if the county government built it.

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