Letter: Kevin Carr, Leesburg

Editor: I’ve called Leesburg home for many years now. So many in fact I actually used to get my shoes repaired at “Shoes” long before it became a coffee shop/bistro. And like many residents I’ve seen stores and restaurants come and go over the past decade.

I enjoyed reading “Openings Bring Optimism” and I am encouraged to see so many new places either opening, or planning to open in downtown Leesburg.  But if the business owners of Leesburg really want to ensure success in town: Fix The Parking!

While an additional parking garage would be ideal, a quick fix, let’s remove all of the “private parking” signs that cover every parking spot in town.

Now, I understand with the courthouse, small businesses can ill afford to lose parking spots to suspected law breakers,(sic) but not after 5 p.m. or on the weekends.

I recently took some friends to eat at the King Street Oyster Bar. As I pulled into the lot behind their building, I saw a sea of empty parking spots with “private parking” or “violators will be towed” signs.  Most for businesses that had already closed for the day. It was so nerve-racking we ended up going to the Blue Ridge Grill. Even with the wait, having a place to park made the night less stressful.

With increased competition coming from One Loudoun and other areas, there will be plenty of places to spend ones money.  My hope is the business owners in Leesburg, realize it’s in their collective interest to make it as easy as possible to attract and keep customers. A more communal use of acres of parking would be a great start.

Kevin Carr, Leesburg

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