Who Plows My Street? Loudoun Launches Online Tool

Loudoun County has launched a website to help residents figure out who’s responsible for their road, such as for repairs or snow removal.

“This tool is particularly useful for identifying maintenance responsibility in residential neighborhoods, which sometimes have two different responsible entities for two adjacent roads,” stated Department of Building and Development Director Mike Seigfried. “In advance of snow events, for example, residents can learn whether their HOAs will plow snow on their streets and then contact their HOAs to learn about their snow-removal plans.”

The interactive, searchable map provides users with a resource for navigating the complex maintenance responsibility system for the road network in the county. In addition, the map links to a webpage with contact information for the various entities to help residents report concerns about maintenance to the correct entity.

Users may search by a street address, view responsibility by color-coded system or click on a specific road and a pop-up box will appear indicating road maintenance responsibility. The responsibility for road maintenance in Loudoun County varies by road. Most roads are maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation, one of the county’s incorporated towns, and private entities, such as homeowners associations.

As new roads are constructed, maintenance responsibility may change from one entity to another, such as from a developer to a HOA. The Loudoun County map will be updated monthly.

For a link to the map and contact information for the various entities involved in road maintenance go to loudoun.gov/roads.

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