Small No More: Hillsboro Annexation Gets Court Approval

Hillsboro town leaders closed 2016 with a significant achievement.

On Wednesday, Circuit Court Judge Thomas D. Horne certified and recorded the town’s annexation plan, adding 108 acres to the 56-acre municipality.

Mayor Roger Vance and Town Attorney Liz Whiting outside the county courthouse after recording the town’s annexation documents. [Town of Hillsboro]
Mayor Roger Vance has said the change was intended to help make the town more walkable and help the town compete for needed infrastructure grants.

Among other properties, the expansion will bring the Hillsboro Charter Academy, the Old Stone School, and the Hillsboro United Methodist Church into the town.

The annexation also clears up other issues. Some parcels were split between the county and town in 2003 when it was discovered that their maps of the town’s boundaries were based on inaccurate maps created in Richmond in the 1940s or 1950s. The town’s 1976 charter dictates that its boundaries must match the limits described in late 19th century deed books, and restoring the town’s boundaries to match those deeds removed some parcels from the town and split others in two.

Prior to the court action, both the Hillsboro Town Council and the Loudoun Board of Supervisors approved the boundary line adjustment.

With Hillsboro at 164 acres, Round Hill is now Loudoun’s smallest town, covering about 130 acres. Hamilton has 190 acres.

Hillsboro Boundary Line Adjustment Map

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