Vanish To Be Family Run on Christmas Eve

Vanish, the tasting room at Black Hops Farm in Lucketts, will be open Christmas eve, and it will be a family affair.

Owner Jonathan Staples, his wife Hilda, their seven children, and his father will be running the tasting room themselves. Staples gave his staff Christmas Eve off, but decided to keep the tasting room open.

“Our slogan’s going to be ‘great beer, great barbecue, s— service,'” Staples joked.

The idea originated with one of his daughters when the family realized that Christmas Eve would be a Saturday. One of his daughters told him “we can make it work.”

The Staples family’s seven children. (Jonathan Staples)

“All the kids are home form school, and our youngest our twins just turned 11, and my dad’s going to be here, and we were just talking about how it’s going to be kind of a drag,” Staples said. “A lot of people that work here are younger so they want to be home with their families doing stuff, and it might be really dead.”

But it might not be so quiet. Just because they have the night off, Staples said, doesn’t mean the staff won’t come in.

“We think a lot of the employees are going to come in as guests, just to make fun of us,” Staples said. “They’re going to enjoy watching us make such a hash of it.”

Staples said it will be “a mess, but we think it’ll be fun a mess.”

“If people are upset, we can just say, hey, the other alternative was it wouldn’t be open,” he said. “And we thought it would be a fun family thing.”

Vanish is open Saturdays from noon to 9 p.m.

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