Browning Equipment Named PBA Business of the Year

The Purcellville Business Association held its annual meeting and awards ceremony Tuesday.

The Business of the Year award went to Browning Equipment, headed by President and CEO Jeff Browning. The award is given for business achievements, as well as for contributions to the community. Browning Equipment has recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.

The Nonprofit of the Year award was given to Hero Homes, the company founded last year under the leadership of builder Jason Brownell to provide low-cost, smart homes for wounded military veterans. The PBA recognized the nonprofit both for its growth and success in building a broad coalition of support.

The President’s award was given to PBA co-founder, past president and current board member Jim Bowman, for his numerous contributions to the Purcellville business community.

The PBA also elected new board directors: Ben Weber of Integrity Home Mortgage; Grant Wetmore of Bank of Charles Town; Chris Puller of Middleburg Bank; and Bruce Allder of Virginia Regional Transit. They joined current board members Judy Stearns, Jim Bowman, Jeff Browning and Eric Zimmerman,

Officers elected for 2017 were: Tim Doozan, president; Vice President Mary Gayle Holden, Secretary Linda Perry and Treasurer Tony Hudimac. This will be Doozan’s second year as president of the PBA, following a year of record high membership.

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