Letter: Glenn Schleede, Ashburn

Editor:  Let’s hope the new Pacific Boulevard/Russell Branch Parkway link doesn’t create as many dangerous intersections as thee extension of the Gloucesteer speedway.

The intersections of Gloucester and Smithswitch and Gloucester and Marblehead are now extremely dangerous without trafic lights. They are getting more dangerous each day as more and more traffic moves off Rt. 7 to the Gloucester Thruway-Speedway.

VDOT, county planners and the county board should be condemned for not addressing these problems. Senator Back and Delegate Greason apparently haven’ done anything to help get traffic light installed. The recently installed pedestrian warning at Smithswitch and Gloucester shows that VDOT and county officials just don’t understand the problems which area exacerbated by the lack of speed enforcement on Gloucester.

Glenn Schleede, Ashburn

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