Loudoun Family Gives $5M to Improve Cardiac Care

Inova Loudoun Hospital today announced another large donation—its largest ever—to expand its cardiac care services .

Loudoun residents Fred, Karen and Bobbi Schaufeld have committed to give $5 million to expand the facility and support programmatic growth of the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute–Schaufeld Family Heart Center. The gift will also help fund community education around cardiovascular health.

It is the largest cash gift ever given to the hospital and the largest single contribution to cardiac care throughout the Inova hospital system.

In a statement, Fred Schaufeld said, after his sister-in-law suffered a heart attack and was flown to a hospital in Fairfax, “it became clear that a first-rate cardiac facility would be incredibly valuable to our community.”

“We were blessed to be able to play a seed role back then and, in light of all they’ve accomplished, we’re even more thrilled to financially lead this effort now,” he continued. “Together, Inova and Loudoun County perform miracles … every day of the year.”

The Schaufeld family has been a key supporter of cardiovascular care in Loudoun County through an initial gift of $1 million in 2005 to establish the Schaufeld Family Heart Center at Inova Loudoun Hospital. Over the past decade, the Schaufeld Family Heart Center has seen exponential growth and patient outcome improvements, including a dramatic decrease in the average “door to balloon” time at the Cath Lab, from 119 minutes in 2009 to less than 65 minutes today, well below the national benchmark of 90 minutes, according to a Inova Loudoun Hospital press release.

Annually, the team of cardiologists, nurses and support staff see more than 8,307 patients at the Schaufeld Family Heart Center’s Cath Lab, making it the most used lab on a per-room basis across the entire Inova system.

“My vision is to make the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute a top ten cardiovascular center nationally, and it will take the generous support of philanthropists like the Schaufeld family to get us there,” stated Dr. Christopher O’Connor, chief executive officer of Inova Heart and Vascular Institute. “This gift, the single largest to cardiac care throughout the Inova system, will have a transformational impact on our ability to provide superior cardiovascular care to our patients in Loudoun County.”

Enhancements and additions to the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute–Schaufeld Family Heart Center will take place in two phases. Phase one will include a state-of-the-art Electrophysiology Lab to augment the two existing labs, upgrades to the two Cardiac Cath and Vascular procedure rooms and five additional rooms, as well as a new nurses’ station and improvements to the reception area. Phase two will include the new Schaufeld Family Heart Center near the main entrance of the Lansdowne campus, plus four additional procedure rooms, and a community/ambulatory clinic that specializes in cardiac success transition and peripheral artery disease.

Phase one is expected to be completed late next year, and the second phase will begin in the second quarter of next year, with a completion date set for early 2020. This is the latest component of the hospital’s Master Plan, an expansion of its main campus at 44045 Riverside Parkway in Lansdowne.

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