Letter: Johan G. de Groot, Purcellville

Editor: Please use whatever influence you have to dump Donald Trump as president because he continues to show us that he is unfit for the job.

He is choosing people without experience to his cabinet; he consorts with the alt-right movement and fails to denounce the white supremacists and other hate mongers such as Steve Bannon.

His latest fact-less allegations about massive voter fraud are more examples of his emotional instability, since the spread of untruths and lies are not acceptable for our president.   Furthermore, he has said nothing about his progress in setting up a wall between the presidential office and his business dealings. This appearance of impropriety is just too much to tolerate.

I urge you to demand his immediate resignation.

Johan G. de Groot, Purcellville


One thought on “Letter: Johan G. de Groot, Purcellville

  • 2016-11-29 at 11:07 am

    Johan – For those of us who voted Trump we didn’t burn the American flag and cry like you while over the past 8 years we were persecuted watching our health care costs significantly rise and most other daily living living rose except for gasoline. Even for us, we have guarded reservations with Trump, but ecstatic that an unhappy President is finally leaving the White House and overjoyed that a career criminal (Clinton) will not be entering the White House. We will be thrilled for the American public, especially the children, when millions of gang members and criminals will finally be leaving our Country and unvetted radicals that pose a potential national security risk, such a the one in Columbus Ohio, won’t be entering this Country readily. Alt-right, Alt-left, middle….. Whatever….. I think the Country has spoken and the true Alt-right, the true right wing racist component in this Country is less than 1%. I have worked extensively in 3 inner, inner cities including DC, Baltimore and Richmond and can assure you one major thing in life. The Alt-left, or the left wing racist movement exist and is significantly more prevalent than any such movement that exists on the right. Your media only portrays the Alt-right, not the Alt-left movements, which I’ve experienced firsthand. I’m hoping out of the Trump Presidency that black America, including my (black) step father and his extended family, reap the most rewards of the new America. I know 4 years isn’t much to work with, and neighborhoods, communities, towns, counties, cities, and states, as well as the Media and folks like you Johan need to help, otherwise, they are deemed for further doom those who need the help most… This is what I fear. I fear those who won’t help, those who won’t even open their minds before a man enters the White House and will even hurt his efforts, those who won’t open their heart, etc.

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