Developer Kline Eyes Alternatives for Purcellville Crossroads

The Purcellville Town Council has rejected developer Brad Kline’s annexation request as part of his plan to build a retail, residential and entertainment complex along the Rt. 7 bypass, but he isn’t giving up on the project.

Following the council’s unanimous Nov. 8 vote to drop consideration of the 50-acre Purcellville Crossroads tract, Kline said he will seek Board of Supervisors approval to develop the land. Among the possibilities are a senior living center, a country inn, wine tasting facility, a family restaurant, and a wedding events center. The land is on the north side of the Rt. 7 bypass west of Rt. 287.

Kline applied for annexation more than a year ago and has battled strong opposition from neighbors. The controversial proposal initially included a commuter park-and-ride lot, single-family homes, townhomes, a hotel, retail and entertainment. Although Kline agreed to eliminate the park-and-ride lot, the townhomes, and much of the entertainment, as well as reducing the number of housing units, the proposal still failed to garner support from either the council or county authorities.

The previous Town Council was split on the question of annexation—with some objecting to expanding the town boundaries until other in-town developments were complete and others saying that annexation would give the town control over what would be developed on the property. In May’s election, town voters backed a slate of anti-development candidates, which closed the door on the annexation application.

Kline said that, while he respects the council’s decision, he is confident that his project will enhance quality of life for town residents.

The property is zoned JLMA-3 (Joint Land Management Area), which provides for low-density residential development by right. Most commercial uses would require special exception approval from the Board of Supervisors.

In addition to senior living, country inn, wine tasting, family restaurant, and wedding events, Kline said he was looking at veterinary uses and child care facilities.

One possibility Kline said he is leaning toward is a senior care facility—a permissible use that received public support during a meeting held at the Carver Center earlier this year. He said he is in talks with a vendor interested in the location.


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