Fisher Murder Case Sent to Grand Jury

The court got its first look at evidence at a preliminary hearing Wednesday in the case of Darrick Lee Lewis, 30, who is accused of fatally shooting Christina Fisher, the mother of two of his children, the night of April 2.

Doug Shaw, a 19-year Leesburg detective, testified that when he came to Fisher’s townhouse in Leesburg, he found red staining “consistent with blood” on the floor and walls by the front door, up the stairs to the second floor, and on the carpet and bed in her son’s bedroom. Shaw also found what he described as material consistent with human fatty tissue, such as is ejected with a bullet wound, on the bed.

In an hours-long interview at the Leesburg Police Department that night, Lewis told Shaw that he had been planning a birthday party for himself and his son at his father’s house in Middleburg. Lewis expected Fisher, who he described as his on-again off-again girlfriend, to come to the birthday celebration, and when she told him on the phone that she wouldn’t, Lewis came to her house in Leesburg.

When he arrived at Fisher’s home, he went upstairs—carrying a Romanian-made, civilian version of the AKM, a modern version of the AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle, which Lewis told police he was bringing in from the car to put away. He said he found Fisher in her son’s bedroom, she grabbed the rifle, the two struggled, and the gun went off.

Loudoun Master Deputy Matt Devaney, a crime scene investigator, testified that he found a .762 caliber bullet casing and three bullet fragments, one on the floor, two in the mattress. The bullet struck Fisher on a downward trajectory. Leesburg Detective Michael Drogan told the court he visited the Fairfax hospital where Fisher was taken, arriving after she died, and took photos of a wound on the left side of her chest and another on her right, under her arm.

Lewis has maintained that the gun went off accidentally during a struggle. He returned to his father’s house in Middleburg, calling the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office to turn himself in shortly thereafter. He told Shaw that there was a lot going on in his life, and that he wanted to give his side of the story, and Shaw said Lewis was cooperative throughout. Lewis claimed to have called 911, though Shaw said he found no evidence of that. The rifle, a WASR-10, was recovered on the lawn of his father’s house.

Fisher, 34, was the mother of three children. Her death caused an outpouring of mourning and support in the community, including a candlelight vigil and a crowdfunding effort to cover Fisher’s funeral expenses.

Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge Avelina S. Jacob sent Lewis’s case to a grand jury, scheduled for Monday, Dec. 12, at 9 a.m. Lewis is charged with murder, violating a protective order, and a firearms violation. Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman took part in the hearing personally.

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