2 Troopers Join Loudoun Office

On Monday, 44 new Virginia State Police troopers reported to their respective division headquarters to begin the final phase of training. Two are assigned to Loudoun.

Recruits in the 27-week training celebrated their graduation Nov. 4 at the state police academy in Chesterfield County. They received instruction in more than 100 different subjects, including crime scene investigation, survival Spanish, judicial procedures, self-defense, cultural diversity, and firearms. Each graduate will spend the next six weeks with a field training officer learning his or her new patrol area and day-to-day duties.

       Assigned to Loudoun, Trooper Evan C. Brooke 24, of Floyd County, served more than three years with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. Trooper Jeremy A. Cabrera is a native of Yonkers, NY.

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