Letter: Richard Hetherington, Leesburg

Editor: In reference to the letter “A Mess of Pottage”, the writer infers that it is Mr. Trump who wishes to change our nation’s Constitution. I do not understand how someone could be so confused about Mr. Trump’s intentions, especially when he has consistently voiced his intent to protect the Constitution from those who wish to change or destroy it.

Although he has made some huge gaffes during his campaign, if you and I had been the victim of the constant barrage of vitriol, sarcastic humor, half-truths, and outright lies he has been subjected to by our nation’s media, I wonder how we would have reacted?

I simply cannot fathom how anyone could so blatantly misrepresent or misunderstand Mr. Trump’s intentions or his words. Nor can I comprehend how they ignore the fact that itis not he who has illegally kept our borders open, allowed illegal aliens to establish residency in so-called “sanctuary cities”, or attempted to allow these same criminals to vote in our elections. All that we can prove Mr. Trump is guilty of is his intent to protect our constitution and our given rights to freedom that so many others have died for.

Trump has continued to avow that he will appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court who revere the constitution and who will follow its tenets. In contrast, others have made it perfectly clear of their intention to appoint people who will intentionally change or misrepresent it for political purposes.  It is patently dishonest for anyone to spread the lie that it is Mr. Trump who wishes to change this venerable document and incomprehensible that anyone would vote for someone who has made it perfectly clear they wish to socialize our country. Anyone who has studied history well knows that socialism has never worked in the past, nor will it do any better in the future.

Although our nation has many different factions who will stand for their individual beliefs, it is imperative that all people of good will, regardless of their political beliefs, band together to protect our constitution from those who wish to destroy it. Only then will we have the right to continue to freely express our own views without fear of another “executive decision” that will harm us all. In a few days, we will have an opportunity to change these egregious actions and intents. Let’s not fail to do so.

This election is not about the candidates. It is, rather, about our individual rights. Please do not allow them to be stolen from us.


Richard Hetherington, Leesburg


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