Letter: Sherrie Sidman, Round Hill

Editor:  It wasn’t until reading the latest issue of Loudoun Now that I found out Marty Dougherty has purchased 64 acres near my home with the intention of building his B Chord Brewery enterprise there. Unfortunately, I did not receive this information until after the hearing held on Oct. 20.

As I was not present at this hearing, my question is whether the “people living … near the property” who “have expressed support for his plans to build a farm brewery growing hops or grain on the property for use in the brewery” are aware that, at least as regards to his failed attempt to build his B Chord Brewery in Bluemont, Mr. Dougherty’s business plan also included daytime and nighttime festivals and outdoor concerts.

Perhaps Mr. Dougherty has now modified his ambitions for B Chord Brewery and truly does intend to build it as a “farm brewery” this time—but there’s also the chance that, as with the Bluemont location, nothing is being said openly about the business plan including lighted, amplified, heavily-attended planned events. By omitting to openly mention this bit of information, perhaps Mr. Dougherty is hoping that the various applications and permits needed to proceed will go forth without neighborhood conflict, without the need for future hearings and proceedings regarding restrictions as to the accompanying heavy traffic, large crowds, loud music and annoying and intrusive nighttime lighting … perhaps.

There are still a great many individuals who believe in the honor of a handshake; with Mr. Dougherty and his ilk, I would strongly suggest bringing your salt shaker.

Sherrie Sidman, Round Hill

One thought on “Letter: Sherrie Sidman, Round Hill

  • 2016-10-30 at 9:48 pm

    Shame on you for personally attacking me. Its unfortunate that you didn’t actually ask me or anyone who actually knows what our farm brewery is all about exactly what we plan to do. Had you taken a few minutes to ask us we would have been glad to tell you about our farm brewery. I suspect that you’re actually not interested in knowing the truth- When you repeat stupid lies like “heavy traffic, large crowds, loud music and annoying and intrusive nighttime lighting …” it pretty clear that you have an agenda. If you have any real interest in knowing about our plans feel free to contact us we would love to share them with you.

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