Letter: Kevin Arbogast, Leesburg

Editor: To those questioning and fighting the Crescent Parke community I strongly urge you to take a stroll on the newly constructed sidewalks along Harrison Street SE. While you’re there, stop and talk to those walking around as they’re likely to be residents of the newly constructed Crescent Place community. I have never seen as much foot traffic in that part of town as I do today. Never mind now you’re able to enjoy artwork, nature walks, extra wide sidewalks, all with well‐manicured landscaping abound.

What those who oppose Crescent Parke have failed to do is appreciate how development can leverage the community around it and thus benefit the town as a whole. Not too long ago that part of Harrison Street had no sidewalks and a very unsightly abandoned manufacturing company surrounded by rusted chain link fencing. This positive development has brought a brand new community into Leesburg rather than the pseudo‐town center development happening all over Northern Virginia. To go beyond just the ascetics, Crescent Place has created a significant bump in real estate tax revenue for the town as well as local spending at establishments that can’t be found elsewhere. These businesses also pay town taxes and thus the circle of economics has spun once again. This is exactly what needs to be done within the town  to compete with the surrounding development that draws people to places other than our beautiful and historic downtown. The crown jewel that the developers can’t touch is this town’s history and character but developers like those at Crescent Place and trying to develop at Crescent Parke would complement our historic downtown.

I urge those who are unhappy by development to come and talk to some of the new home owners in Crescent Place. Ask how the community is, get a feel for what it is like, and if they like who they meet. As a millennial and Crescent Place homeowner, I was a bit surprised to see so many “empty nesters” move into the neighborhood but in that same vain, it has created a well‐rounded community that suits the town perfectly. A few extra steps in one’s 2 over 2 home sure beats having to do yardwork and shovel snow! Focus on the positives that top‐notch development can bring to your community; tax revenue, increased home values for all town residents, much needed revitalization to fairly stale parts of town.

We came very close to losing the biggest economic engine within downtown Leesburg. If the courthouse had left, what would we have left? Law offices would have been the next to leave. We need to attract good development and should welcome it from such well‐established and respected developers. As an international business instructor once told me “change is inevitable”. Do you want to be a part of it or fight it and let your community grow stale and unappealing?

For those not around the Crescent Parke area on a daily basis, I urge you to spend time there before complaining about development. There is trash strewn throughout the forested parts of the property that is very noticeable during the winter months. A great eyesore to those working and living around it. The pond that is to be revitalized and cared for is usually overgrown with algae by late summer and is unappealing to be around.

I see nothing but positives for the entire town not just the developers in projects like this.

Kevin Arbogast, Leesburg


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