Letter: Mark Miller, Ashburn

Editor: In less than two weeks, folks are going to the polls to vote for president and, locally, our congressman. Most people are simply going to vote for an R or a D without much regard to the person along side the letter. That’s truly unfortunate and especially so in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

Two people are running for the seat. One is a first time ever candidate who is a wealthy real estate developer who lives in a condo in the city and owns an estate outside the district and the other candidate is a career government attorney, with a few years in private practice, married to a career government servant, has been an elected official for 8 years in a purple state and who voted for President Obama’s most recent budget. Sound familiar? Which one is the D and which is the R? Barbara Comstock is the antithesis of the conjured up expectation of a Republican political candidate. And that’s one of the many reasons I’m voting for her to continue representing me in Congress. I can assure you her party affiliation has no bearing on my decision.

I am voting for Ms. Comstock because she took the time to meet with my family about the federal legislation that bears our daughter’s name. She learned about the legislation and signed on to support its funding each year. With her help, the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act will continue to fund pediatric disease research at the National Institutes of Health. She didn’t have to do this but recognized the value of the legislation and that it is a decidedly 10th district concern. She has also supported and worked to pass the STAR Act and the 21st Century Cures Act to help fund research that will help save lives. She listens to her constituents and supports legislation that benefits them.

And it’s not just legislation that is personal to me. She has helped shed light on the growing heroin epidemic and has worked with federal, state and local law enforcement to find solutions to the problem. The solutions won’t come quickly but she recognizes the need to start now and raise awareness.

She worked across party lines with Senators Kaine and Warner and the other Northern Virginia Congressmen to fight the elimination of the perimeter rule at National Airport. Many people have little knowledge of the perimeter rule; but, it’s elimination would be financially catastrophic for Dulles Airport and the 10th district.

She has fought for and succeeded in getting some funding for Metrorail and has worked with the new General Manager to shine light on the problems and work with him and Congress to find solutions. Congressmen can’t solve all the problems themselves, but they can work with other members to seek out solutions for regional issues and make the case for why it’s important to have a safe and reliable Metrorail in the DC region.

She started the 10th District Young Women Leadership program to give middle and high school girls a venue to meet and learn from successful women in politics, education and business.

Finally, she voted for the most recent budget agreement. Barely a third of Republican’s supported the bill. While I’m sure Ms. Comstock would have liked to see some changes, the compromise legislation meant the government would be funded and the federal workforce which she represents would continue going to work.

A demonstrated record of working for the needs of her constituents is why I’m supporting Barbara Comstock.

Mark Miller, Ashburn

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