Letter: Jeff Shoaf, Broadlands

Editor: I am voting for Barbara on November 8th because she delivers. She has spent her time in the state legislature and now in Congress listening to her constituents and delivering the things that improve our quality of life.  She’s getting it done for us!

I have lived in both Fairfax and Loudoun counties for nearly 30 years. My kids learned to drive on local roads and were educated in our public schools.  Barbara Comstock raised her family here. She is one us and understands our local concerns and can find common sense solutions in Congress to improve our quality of life. Since she represented parts of Fairfax and Loudoun before serving in Congress, she has more experience than the average “freshmen” in Congress and we are already seeing results! She knows that Northern Virginia is uniquely situated with vibrant local businesses that are significantly impacted by the decisions that come from Richmond and from Capitol Hill.  Every action she takes and decision she makes is done with careful consideration- for us. She is especially focused  on transportation as continued investments at all levels of government are necessary to ease the congestion on our roads. She supported the 5 year Highway Bill signed into law this year, which will benefit our region by providing more funding for our roads and Metro. Barbara is also committed to making necessary investments in our future by making both education and defense her top priorities. She has promoted educational opportunities for junior and high school girls by creating the “10th Congressional District Young Women’s Leadership Program,” and supported increased defense funding to keep our region safe.

As you can see, Barbara Comstock has a track record of aggressively working for her constituent’s interest. She is running for re-election again to represent YOU in Congress. She spends weekends and weeknights getting to know her constituents, and is constantly traveling to places throughout the district . While Washington DC is full of people who are out for themselves, I am voting for Barbara Comstock because she represents us and works every day to improve our quality of life.

Jeff Shoaf, Broadlands

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